Neopets halloween sidebar

neopets halloween sidebar

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You know how Neopets has that yellow sidebar or layout?. 11:59 PM - 12:01 AM on Halloween (time is unconfirmed, but basically around 12 midnight).After years of the default yellow sidebar for everyone, Neopets decided to. [ Yellow/Default] [Birthday] [Halloween] [Valentines] [Winter] [Curse of Maraqua]A Sidebar is the navigational tool located on the Top of most neopets pages.. I had the Halloween/Valentines Sidebar, but now it is gone, what happened?Quaslan Sidebar Premium Sidebar Maraquan Sidebar Valentines Sidebar Winter Sidebar Birthday Sidebar Halloween Sidebar Default Sidebar Link Back LinksSite themes are typically obtained through purchasing Neopets products in real. You have received a warning from Neopets!. .. Halloween Site Theme Footer . Dec 31, 2014 . How to Get It: This was released only on Halloween 2004 and 2005. to Get It: This sidebar is only obtainable on your birthday and Neopets' . ==UserScript== // @name Neopets Sidebar Quicklinks // @version 1.1. . ['Test Your Strength',''], . To get this sidebar, you must have Neopets Premium, and refer 5 members to Neopets Premium.. You might be able to get this sidebar next Halloween.Halloween Specials and the theme. Halloween Goodie Bags and earn the 50 Free NC bonus in your main Neopets account.).You can only get this sidebar on Neopets's birthday and on the birthday you set. Contest or refresh Neopets at 11:59 AM on Halloween to unlock this sidebar.

neopets halloween sidebar

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