Attachsound flash

attachsound flash

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Feb 16, 2003 . attachSound("coolsound");; kirupaSound.start(0, 99);. } This line tells Flash to actually play the sound. The original syntax is kirupaSound.start(); . Jul 2, 2008 . AS3 no longer has an attachSound() method in the Sound object so will inherit from the Sound class and Flash will automatically recognize it . Oct 12, 2008 . This tutorial explains how to add a sound to a button in Flash with the. So, the attachSound method assigned the buttonSound01 sound to the  s_jumping = new Sound(); s_jumping.attachSound("s_jump"); s_noise2 = new Sound(); s_noise2.attachSound("s_gong");. And then they are . Feb 13, 2013 . Learning goals: Use sound (attach sound to frames and button frames): Edit the sound envelope with the Flash tool: Load sound files with . I have a flash file with sounds in it. i cant hear the sounds when attaching it in another flash file loadMovie("rlvl3.swf",_root.drop);. but this worksattachSound( ) Method — associate a sound from the Library with a Sound object Availability Flash 5 Synopsis soundObject.attachSound(linkageIdentifier) . Sep 3, 2008 . Where did attachSound go in AS3?. From AS2 to AS3 – Where did it go – attachSound this is code directly from the Flash Help files:.The two most common sound formats used in Flash are WAV and AIFF. import and link to file in the library (using attachSound); link to an external file (using . Platform: All Version: 5.0 and above. シンタックス my_sound.attachSound( リンケージ識別子). 引数 [ライブラリ]でサウンドにリンケージ[識別子]として設定した ストリング .

attachsound flash

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